Hey kids, this is the English version of Selektive Erinnerung. You want to read teh funny in German? Clickety-click on the flag.


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Hey there! *awkward wink* We're currently working on translating our complete comic archive. We'll post links on Facebook as soon as a "new" old strip is translated. So, how about you "like" this page and never miss an update, huh buddy? *blows a kiss*



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Selektive Erinnerung is a half forgotten dream, ascended from mnemonic spheres, the ethereal realm beyond our wildest imagination. Plus fart jokes. Recorded and illuminated by Haiko Hörnig & Marius Pawlitza.



Haiko & Marius

Two rad lads who once left their dark basements in search of HIGH ADVENTURE, but ended up working in advertising. When they are not brainwashing the masses, they're busy producing comics for fine internet connoisseurs.

Lax Laxington, M.D.

Also called World's Coolest Doctor, Lax Laxington is a chill and easygoing dude who doesn't always play by the rules because that's how he rolls. He's also wanted by the police for various crimes.

The Ghost Executioner

Jack Witchheart was a totally normal dude until that fateful day when he fell into a tub of ghosts and transformed into a PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR. Now he hunts & executes ghosts.